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Creators of innovative consumer mobile apps and responsive web experiences that drive loyal use.
We offer customized mobile applications that are tailored to you so you can get the best application
ideas and innovative designs from JD Mobile for whatever mobile phone you are looking to use.




What We Do


Windows/Mac Mobile Web
We produce standalone applications  We produce high quality native iPhone, We create high quality maintainable 
making them native or cross-platform  Android and Windows Phone websites and web applications for 
depending on client specification. We  applications in cutting edge technologies  consumer and business use. We use
provide consulting for improving,  wrapped in innovative and  HTML5 technology combined with
rationalizing and speeding up clients  refreshing designs for various screen sized  responsive design making your website 
business with custom solutions  devices – from smallest phones to large  stand out from the rest.
development. tablets.  






Roadmiral provides world class asset maintenance and management software solution that allows companies to successfully control their Fleet.


Never used a gym before? Nervous or unsure about what to do? Don’t Worry! Quick Fit will allow you to achieve your goals in the privacy of your home in just 45 minutes per day.


HOtteSTING is more than a marketing agency. We build results-oriented strategies and continually refine your campaign for optimal outcome.


The first All-In-One Online Soccer Academy that offeres world class coaching. We make better players.

Tresor Capital

The Card that pays you to use it.

Animal Travel

Don’t leave your pets at home anymore!




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Toronto, M5C 2B5 ON Bloomingdale, Illinois 60108 Berlin 10117
phone: +1 416 839 4057 phone: +1 877 211 1316 phone: +49 152 1777 0911
e-mail: info@jdmobile.ca e-mail: info@jdmobile.ca e-mail: info@jdmobile.ca